The Citizen Of Serenity - 4 Pack Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags

The Citizen Of Serenity Air Purifiers are a line of natural air deodorizers made from 100% organic bamboo activated charcoal sourced from renewable bamboo forests.
Bamboo charcoal is four times more porous than regular wood charcoal, which significantly increases its effectiveness.
Our products are multi-purpose deodorizers that naturally removes different types of unwanted smells and air impurities inside your home. It doesn't just mask odors and toxins, it completely eliminates them from the air that you breathe.

✔MODERN AIR PURIFIERS IS a line of natural air deodorizers made from 100% Bamboo Activated Charcoal

✔4 LARGE PIECE SET - 1x for large spaces, 1x for medium rooms and 2x shoe odorizer bags

✔100% NATURAL - non-toxic & safe. It is an eco-friendly solution for eliminating all household odors

✔MULTI-PURPOSE - it prevents mold and excess moisture, neutralize smells such as smoke or cooking

✔USAGE - the perfect solution for smelly shoes, stuffy closets, laundry rooms & stinky gym bags

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