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Citizen of Serenity Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed the uses and benefits of charcoal bamboo purifiers. We got to the conclusion that bamboo charcoal is excellent for keeping your air clean and purified. Moreover, these type of charcoal keeps your house smelling fresh because it traps the particles that contain the awful smell.  And […]

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Are Air Fresheners Dangerous?

Living a sustainable lifestyle includes knowing all the terms, concepts, and definitions that are part of this life. One of them is chemical spray products, more specifically air fresheners. Over the years of practice of sustainability, there’s a lot that has been said about chemicals air fresheners, and mainly these are negative stuff. It makes […]

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Five Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal

Five Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Bamboo charcoal is an all-natural product that is so beneficial for the body, and that’s the reason why all of a sudden it has become an essential item for beauty treatments. Don’t you believe us? Have you seen those videos where people use a black paste to whiten out their […]

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Top 5 Ways to Help The Planet Earth

With pressing environmental issues, pollution and global warming, it is no wonder why the talk about green living has became inevitable. People are starting to realize the importance of green practices and changing their way of consumerism and care for the Planet. In order to reduce the negative impact of human activity on the environment, […]

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