Babies and pets – the little darlings, little in size and somehow big in odor. Our mountain bag is a cute accessory that has been created to give you a safe natural way to get rid of that inevitable smell after changing a diaper or any mess that may leave behind an undesirable smell in your household.


After a while all new shoes become less than new smelling. We have all smelled this transformation before. Our shoe bags eliminate odors without masking them, by truly removing the excess moisture and by preventing mold and bacteria from forming.


Every car, gym locker, closet, pet area or old drawer has the tendency to trap some of the undesirable smells that haunt our senses and detour our guests from visiting as often as we’d like tp have them. Our Bamboo Charcoal bags neutralize even the most stubborn smells often caused by smoke, pet dander, cooking, or just by actively living as we do day to day.